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PONOSNA NA OBLINE Koji muškarac ne bi sa njom skočio padobranom? (FOTO)

Dejan Prlina



Anes Zanoti (Foto: Printskrin/Instagram)

Po nekim anketama je najzgodnija sportistkinja na svetu. Možda je preterano, možda je i stvarno tako, ukusi su različiti. Međutim, da ima “telo vreteno” – ima.

PREMIJER LIGA: Kvota naše kladionice na pobedu Liverpula protiv Mančester sitija je 2.65.

Francuskinja je, zove se Anes Zanoti. Padobranac je. Ima 1250 skokova i radi kao kaskader, fitnes instruktor i model. Pojavila se u više od 40 kataloga.

Koji mukarac ne bi sa njom skočio padobranom? Sa njom ne bi bilo straha.

Nijedna žena ne bi trebalo da se stidi svojih oblina. Imam 37 godina i super je što i sada mogu da postavljam slike kakve sam postavljala s 10 godina manje – napisala je uz ove fotografije.


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Curious on how you guys plan your training❓ How many of you are following a workout and nutrition plan? – Even Athletes have to follow a structured plan. I have been building my own for years. There is nothing like going to the gym and having everything planned already so you don’t waste time. – Knowing what muscle part you are going to train is not enough. When you have a structured plan it tells you exactly what exercises to do, the number of sets, reps, rest period. What food you should eat, your daily macros you should have. All this will help you to reach your goal. – Online training ☝🏽 AnaisFit, link on my bio. – Photo @derrickcleggphoto – #fitnesscoach #veganmuscles #veganbabe #miamitrainer

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What are you all doing today? 🍃 – About to do a small HIIT training. No more than 25min but it’s about to get super intense! Here is what I am going to do, and YOU are welcome to do it as well! 😘 – 💥4 rounds of each with no rest in between sets, 1-2 min rest in between rounds. 💥 ✨ Dumbbell push-ups to row 45 secs. ✨Plank jacks to plank in and out, 45 secs ✨ Dumbell squat to overhead press, 45 secs ✨Single leg dumbbell lateral raises, 15 reps ( switch legs for next round) ✨ Hanging corner to corner, 45 secs ✨ Laying flutter kicks. Have fun and let me know how it went. 💪🏽😘 #anaisfit ➖ 🧘🏻‍♀️Bikini @lavottaswim Photo 📸@photographedbyjaysan

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How to crush your fitness goal⁉️ Here are a few simple tips that you can use. They have helped my clients, and I use them as well to stay on track. – 🔷 NUTRITION: ▫️Prep in advance – ▫️Don’t buy food that will give you a weakness on binging at home. – ▫️ Put your prep food in different Tupperware already measured, this will help you to avoid over eating. – ▫️ Drink plenty of Water, 1-2 Liters at least per day. – ✅Read labels while shopping, usually the first ingredients are the main ones. – ❌Most the time oil is the first or second, be aware that you could think you were snacking on something healthy but it is actually not. – 🔶 FITNESS: – ▫️First let’s ditch that “I need motivation” It’s a feeling, it comes and goes. Many times I arrived at the gym with no motivation. I find it during my workout. – ▫️Put your BODY GOAL photo on your phone’s screen for the days you feel like giving up. Look at it and remember why you started. – ▫️Make fitness part of your lifestyle. Like going to work, no matter how busy you are, you need to include a 30-45 min window for it! #noexcuses – ▫️ Have a workout plan! Yes, having a structured plan and designed specifically for you will help you to reach your goal faster than by guessing and trying a few different things that you saved on Instagram. – ▫️Have your gym bag ready. – ▫️Track your progression. – ✅ Don’t be afraid to Build Muscle! The more muscles you have, the more fat you will burn. – ❌ Do not focus on only cardio! Focus on weight lifting. Cardio is great for cardiovascular, but you can get your cardio in many different ways and more beneficial. 👉🏾 Instead superset 2 exercises at a time, take short breaks in between. You will burn more calories that way and build muscle. – 🚨ONLINE TRAINING & NUTRITION PROGRAM 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 🔺 @anaiszanotti

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What did you guys train today? It was legs for me 🏋🏽‍♀️ – Focusing on compound lifts. I always start my training with some activation using bands and some kind of hip-thrusting exercises, that way my glutes are activated for the rest of my lifts. – I am so quad dominant if I don’t prep my legs correctly before my lift, I will have a hard time to feel on my glutes, especially with back squats. – So sometimes taking an extra 5-10 mins. of warmup can save you more time than just jumping right away on exercises. Proper form and warming up is crucial to get results. – And again, don’t be impatient to get healthy and reach your body goal. It takes time and sweat 💦 to get there. There is no short cut. – Years ago I was skinny fat, I did not have this body. The day I started to take action, I knew what I was working for. – It’s easy to blame your genetics, but you can change that by putting in the work. If I did it, you can too! 🙌🏽 – Photo @pedrorollejr

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  1. hoces_sokic


    10.11.2019. at 13:57

    Lebe mekani… I kad skacemo?

  2. luciano133


    10.11.2019. at 20:04

    Ma daj nema sanse da ima 37 godina..

    • Drogba


      11.11.2019. at 06:04

      Kako nema faca uzas, telo spreda operisano, nazad ijuuu 😀 ispravlja sve kad joj se pridje od nazad 😀

  3. bela_milka


    12.11.2019. at 09:26

    Ova krema što reklamira je baš brutalna hahah

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